Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Freshly Vexed & Perplexed By Texas Wind Chime Noise Pollution

Of late I have been freshly vexed and perplexed by the noise polluters known as wind chimes.

Vexed because two neighbors, closer to my abode than 300 feet, have installed a total of 8 wind chimes making a racket that penetrates my windows, walls and delicate ears.

Perplexed because having these noise polluters closer than 300 feet from a neighbor is allowed in this part of the planet.

Awhile back I was talking to my sister who lives in the Phoenix suburb of Chandler. My sister mentioned being annoyed by some new neighbor's noisy kids. I mentioned being annoyed by wind chimes.

My sister's reply to me mentioning being annoyed by wind chimes was to ask "They allow wind chimes in Texas?"

Long ago civilized parts of the planet realized that in densely populated areas wind chimes were a noise pollution issue, and thus banned, unless ones wind chimes were chiming from a mandated distance from innocent ears.

I have blogged about the wind chime issue previously, as in way back in October of 2009. That blogging has generated a lot of comments, mostly from people who share my aversion to unwanted noise pollution, and a few from morons unable to understand the issue.

Just a couple days ago someone named Anonymous made an amusing comment on the above referenced blogging....

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Texas Wind Chime Noise Pollution": 

My story starts with an innocent set of wind chimes made of seashells hanging from my neighbor's back porch about 20 feet from my house. Then she graduated to a larger set of metal banger clangers hanging from a shepherd's hook on the side of her 2-car garage - 5 feet from my house. And finally cowbells hanging from a higher hook next to my garden. I could no longer enjoy an open window, my patio, or even my garden. I asked her to move them away from my house...she said no. I said they were making a terrible racket. She said too bad. Then one stormy night my hubby took a pillow case and as Reba's song went, "that's one body that'll never be found." Or in this case -- two. 

I usually do not think it a good idea to take the law into ones own hands. But, there are circumstances, when one lives in an uncivilized part of the planet, where one must take the law into ones own hands in order to protect oneself. Or ones eardrums and peace of mind...

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