Monday, June 10, 2013

Facebook Shows How Much Pure Ignorance There Is In The World

I saw this graphic this morning on Facebook, from Pete Charlton. Pete Charlton regularly puts good stuff on Facebook. I have several people on Facebook who regularly share what seems to me to be good stuff.

And then there is the stuff that is not so good.

Or just plain embarrassing. Or annoying. Or annoyingly embarrassing.

Or just plain ignorant.

The graphic came from something called The Other 98%.

Pete Charlton's text accompanying the graphic said, "One good thing about Facebook: It shows how much pure ignorance there is in the world. And it also spotlights those who exploit ignorance for their own evil purposes."

Last week I got sort of tired of the tiresome postings of one of my Facebook "Friends". So, I looked to see if there was a way I could stop them from showing up. I clicked on, I think it was 'block', agreed that this was okay and next thing I know Facebook is telling me this removes the person from my "Friends" list.

My not knowing that 'blocking' de-friended someone is an example of my pure ignorance, but there was no actual evil intent in my doing so.

I will admit it has made Facebook a less annoying experience to have a little less self-serving smarminess served to me daily.

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