Monday, June 17, 2013

Crossing Arlington's Flash Flooding Village Creek Is Not A Good Idea

Optimistic optimist that I be, even though rain fell in copious amounts this morning, resulting in flash flood alerts, around noon I drove to the western entry to Arlington's Village Creek Natural Historical Area, expecting the parking lot off Dottie Lynn Parkway to be open.

Instead I found a closed gate with a "Closed Due To Flooding" sign.

So, just like I did a week or two ago, I drove to the Interlochen side of the Village Creek Natural Historical Area.

In the picture above you are looking at the view from whence I was parked in Interlochen. I could see water flooding over the dam bridge, which meant there would be no shady walking with the Village Creek Indian Ghosts, unless I decided to try and cross the flooding bridge.

Watch the video below to see if I made it across the raging torrent.

After enjoying the salubrious benefits coming from all the negative ions shooting into the air from the broiling Village Creek water, I walked for a mile or two on the Bob Findlay Linear Park Trail and then decided I was not liking the ultra high humidity, so, it was off to Walmart to get some groceries in extremely cool air-conditioned comfort.

There was very little water flash flooding in Walmart, though the Lawn Whisperer made have had a few things to whisper about in the area surrounding Walmart.

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