Saturday, June 29, 2013

CBS TV Is Covering The Olivergate Scandal Reporting The Tarrant Regional Water District GM Is In Hot Water

Unlike the inept, non-local newspaper of record, known as the disgraced Fort Worth Star-Telegram, the local CBS TV News is covering the TRWD Olivergate Scandal.

Yesterday's CBS coverage of the scandal was titled "Tarrant Regional Water District GM In Hot Water".

An excerpt from the online version of the CBS TV coverage of the TRWD Olivergate Scandal...

There are allegations of confrontations and threats at the agency that provides water to nearly two million North Texans.

The newest board member of the Tarrant Regional Water District said her request for documents related to district emails, real estate records and payment records, was met instead with a heated lecture from the district’s general manager Jim Oliver.

“He said if you want records as a board member, you come through me,” Kelleher said, pounding on her chest to show how she said Oliver emphasized his words. “I thought ‘wow’.”

You can watch the interview with Mary Kelleher by going to CBSDFW.COM where you will hear Mary Kelleher describe the bullying of Jim Oliver.

Yesterday's blogging about the TRWD Olivergate Scandal brought a very appropo comment from Guelma...

Guelma has left a new comment on your post "The TRWD Olivergate Scandal Takes Another Scandalous Turn With Denials, Lies & Cover-Ups":

This part of the world seems to have more than its fair share of what has been called bullycrats, public servants who somehow think they are rulers of the "we the people" who pay their salaries and other perks. Time to keep twisting this Oliver and then flush him down the river. 

I agree with Guelma, the Oliver Twisting must continue until this bullycrat is flushed down the river....

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