Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bowling With Spencer Jack Jones One Must Score Ones Weight Or Better

Apparently, according to documentation emailed to me this morning, Spencer Jack has taken up the extreme sport of bowling.

According to Spencer Jack's dad...

Spencer pauses only once for a camera opportunity. His trick in completing 8 full games in less than 90 minutes: use two balls, so he doesn't have to wait for the ball return device to fetch his first "tossed" ball! This kid is Brilliant! 

As Spencer Jack continues his journey across the American cultural landscape I can not help but wonder what is next.


The scoreboard, above, is a bit blurry, but it appears that Spencer Jones' score, on the left, is 68, while Spencer's Dad, on the right, is a big X.

Regarding the bowling scores Spencer Jack's dad had this to say...

A bowler should always be able to bowl his own weight! Spencer exceeded such, with a game average of close to 100. His dad and "girl friend's" average score proved this theory true, with the 3 game average being a 118 and 185, respectively!  

A bowler should always be able to bowl his own weight? I'm expected to bowl 310? I thought 300 was the top number of points one could get in a single game of bowling.

I don't believe I have ever seen one of the ball rolling assistant devices, previously, that Spencer Jack appears to be using to assist in his accelerated bowling game.

If I remember right the last time I bowled was with Spencer Jack's cousin, my nephew Jeremy. I believe this occurred the first time I drove back home after the move to Texas. I remember my back was aching and bowling caused the pain to be excruciating. That and I got three strikes in a row. But, even with three strikes my score got nowhere near my weight.

Below is video of Spencer Jack bowling, taken by his favorite girl friend, Brittney...

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