Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Biking With Fallen Trees & No Zombies In Gateway Park

Handlebars Pointing at FWMBA Trail Sign
Today I decided to get my first Wednesday of June, mid-day endorphin fix by pedaling the Fort Worth Mountain Bike Association (FWMBA) Trail in Gateway Park.

I last biked at this location last Saturday, on the first day of June. At that point in time I found Gateway Park infested with Zombies.

Today the Zombie infestation was completely cleared out.

At some point in time since Saturday a tree has fallen across the FWMBA Trail, almost obliterating the directional arrow. I had been at this location previously so I knew which way to go, even if there was no arrow pointing the way.

I assume all the fallen foliage is wind caused, but, I do not recollect a strong wind blowing since Saturday.

I really don't think all this fallen limbage could possibly be Zombie related damage. However, this location is a very short distance to the west of where I came upon a Zombie attacking a water supply.

Despite the air being a bit humid, I had myself a really fine time spinning my wheels. Most of the trails are under the shade of big trees, which makes for cooler trailing than one is subjected to under the direct rays of the unshaded hot sun.

Speaking of the sun. I was up well before its arrival this morning. Which caused me to have a really fine time having a really long swim in the increasingly warm pool, very early this morning.

I just heard the lunch gong go off. I am fairly sure that lunch today is Jalapeno Cornbread Casserole, Rice, Chicken and some sort of Green Salad, the nature of which I am currently not remembering.

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