Tuesday, June 11, 2013

An Old Man In The Fosdick Sea Has Replaced The White Swan While Germany Floods

With the temperature a relatively chilly 87 degrees I thought it'd be a fine idea to drive to the relatively shadeless Oakland Lake Park to walk around Fosdick Lake.

And throw some swan food at the Fosdick White Swan.

However, the Fosdick White Swan was no where to be seen.

What I saw near the former residence of the Fosdick White Swan was the Old Man in the Fosdick Sea, sitting in the water, fishing for marlin, or maybe catfish.

Where did the Fosdick White Swan go?

Today I brought flour tortillas and brown rice tortillas for the Fosdick White Swan. With the Fosdick White Swan absent I threw chunks of the flour tortillas at the Fosdick Ducks. The ducks liked the flour tortillas, fighting over the chunks. But, there was no fighting over the brown rice tortillas. Those were totally rejected.

Fussy ducks.

I wonder if the Fosdick White Swan decided to fly out of town, heading north for the summer. Maybe a flock of swans flew overhead, with the Fosdick White Swan deciding to flock with birds of the same feather.

Speaking of strange bird behavior. This morning I was freshly reminded of my great disdain for passive-aggressive hypocritical neurotics.

No, I am not talking about Elsie Hotpepper, but I was sitting here thinking Miss Hotpepper has gone missing again when I saw Elsie show up, right now, via incoming email.

Let's open the Hotpepper email and see what's on Elsie's mind....

Flooding in Germany on the Elbe River.

Clearly Germany needs an Elbe River Vision to put a stop to this type flooding. Perhaps a flood diversion channel would have abated this disaster. J.D Granger really should lend his flood control expertise to Germany and help do to them what he's been doing for, and to, Fort Worth.

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