Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Wet Walk & Talk With Connie D & The Indian Ghosts In Arlington's Village Creek Natural Historical Area

Water Roars Under the Village Creek Dam Bridge
One of the Connie D's went walking and talking with me and the Indian Ghosts today at Arlington's Village Creek Natural Historical Area.

As you can see, by looking at the picture, the outer world is slightly stormy this first Thursday of June of 2013 at my location in North Texas.

A few drops of precipitation precipitated whilst we were doing our walking and talking.

After a half hour of slight drippage the drips went into downpour mode with a lot of precipitation precipitating.

This morning, shortly after the crack of dawn, I had myself a really fine time in the pool. At that point in time the air outdoors was being chilled to 67 degrees, well below the temperature to which I set my air-conditioner. With the air being so cold the pool water was significantly warmer, thus creating the illusion that it is a heated pool.

I got gas on my way to walk and talk with Connie D and the Indian Ghosts, so I called my mom, like I often do when I get gas. My mom was not available, at that point in time, so I left a message.

The maid is sounding the lunch gong, so I guess it is time to eat. I believe the menu today is BBQed pork with bean cheese whole wheat burritos and some sort of salad product.

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