Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Walk Around Fosdick Lake With A White Swan Being Kite Bombed With Turtles

The Fosdick Lone White Swan is still taking up residence at Fosdick Lake in Oakland Lake Park.

Today the Lone White Swan's entourage was only two ducks.

I think the Lone White Swan may be being always in the same shady location because he/she has learned that park visitors bring him/her goodies.

Like today I tossed some Swan food at the Lone White Swan in the form of whole wheat bread.

While the Lone White Swan was holding food court, nearby a she of the human type was being a kite launcher for her boyfriend.

You can see the Lone White Swan to the left of the trunk of the tree. The birds seemed not to mind the kite that was being launched and crashing, over and over again, in their neighborhood.

The kite was in the shape of a bomber aircraft. The kite would successfully launch and then do a dive bomb. To me it looked like the boyfriend was purposefully dive bombing the girlfriend. The longest the plane kite stayed aloft was about 30 seconds.

Today the Fosdick turtles were congregated on their main log. This log has done some floating to new locations on the lake due to strong winds of late. Somehow the Fosdick turtles seem to always find where their log has moved to.

This morning my computer based weather  monitoring device had the air quality being sufficiently bad that it was suggested sensitive sorts not expose themselves to it. That warning has since gone away. However, the air is noticeably smoggy, unlike the ultra clear sky I saw on Sunday from the top of Mount Tandy.

The bad air has not had any noticeable effect on my ultra sensitive breathing.

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