Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Flintstone Picnic At Fort Worth's Mallard Cove Park With No Ducks

Well, just as I thought I would, yesterday, after I discovered nearby Mallard Cove Park, today I returned to pedal my tires on the paved trails that meander around Mallard Cove.

I am almost 100% certain that a Mallard is a duck. But, I saw no ducks of any kind in Mallard Cove Park today.

Or any other bird.

I read, whilst Googling for Mallard Cove Park info,  that this park is a birders paradise. Maybe early Summer is the wrong time of the year for birds to be in residence.

I did see numerous GAS PIPELINE WARNING signs in Mallard Cove Park. Which led me to wonder if Fort Worth has the world's highest number of gas pipeline warning signs in its parks.

My favorite thing I found in Mallard Cove Park was in the shade of the Mallard Cove Grove of trees. Below is that favorite thing.

A Flintstone style picnic table. There needs to be a Flintstone style fire pit installed near the Flintstone style picnic table to render this a perfect Flintstone picnic spot.

Above you are looking at duck-free Mallard Cove. This view is a short distance north of the Flintstone picnic table area.

The area under the shade of the Mallard Cove Grove was significantly cooler than being under the sun on the paved trail. This would be a serene spot to while away a HOT summer afternoon.

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