Monday, May 6, 2013

Walking With Wildflowers & Indian Ghosts After Voting For Basham, Nold & Kelleher

Prior to getting my daily aerobically induced endorphins I did my civic duty and voted for Basham, Nold & Kelleher for the Tarrant Regional Water District Board.

Prior to voting I met a local political celebrity. More on that in a subsequent blogging.

I do early voting at the Handley Community Center. Early voting uses these video game type voting machines. One would think I would remember how these video game type voting machines work, but I always seem to spend a second or two a bit bum puzzled.

This time the bum puzzlement came from the code entering part of the process that one must do before doing the voting. My code was 5099. But, I somehow read that as 5009. I caught my error before hitting the enter button.

The only other thing on the ballot, besides the Water Board, was two choices for City Council. Danny Scarth, I think that's how you spell the last name, and some guy I'd never heard of. I knew Danny Scarth is the incumbent and I knew I did not want to vote for him. Since I knew nothing about the other guy, I did not vote for a city councilman.

The ladies who run the early voting always seem to be having themselves a real fine time.

After doing my civic duty I drove to Arlington to the Village Creek Natural Historical Area to have myself a pleasant walk with the Native American Ghosts who haunt this location.

As you can see an orange yellow wildflower is now dominating the Village Creek Natural Historical Area's Wildflower Area.

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