Friday, May 24, 2013

Today's Bike Ride Had Me Thinking About Riding Fort Worth's Light Rail Public Transit All The Way To Panther Island Pavilion

I took my two wheel bi-pedal transport mode to Trinity Park today to have myself some endorphin inducing aerobic stimulation.

I can not think of a nicer Fort Worth park than Trinity Park. I know it is the only Fort Worth park with a statue of Mark Twain. And I think it may also be a rare Fort Worth park with modern restroom facilities.

Though, now that you are making me think about this I don't know if I have actually seen Trinity Park's modern restroom facility or why I think they exist.

Fort Worth's light rail public transit runs through Trinity Park, hauling people back and forth across the Trinity River between Trinity Park and the Fort Worth Zoo.

As I watched the Fort Worth light rail public transit pass by it appeared to me that the train was running at full capacity.

With the Fort Worth light rail pubic transit running at full capacity methinks maybe additional trains need to be added to the system. And maybe extend the line all the way into the heart of Fort Worth's fabled Cultural District and all the way to Fort Worth's fabled music venue, Panther Island Pavilion.....

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