Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Taking A Dizzy Walk With Indian Ghosts Worrying About Fainting Over Clutched Pearls

At some point in time this afternoon my get up and go got up and went. I think my blood sugar level went low along with my blood pressure.

This morning I may have risen way too soon before the sun arrival. I was in the pool before the new day dawned, moving about for a salubriously long time in refreshingly cooled water.

In the noon time frame I headed to Arlington to the Village Creek Natural Historical Area to walk with the Indian Ghosts who haunt that location.

As I was leaving my home zone location I was flagged down by Miss Puerto Rico who insisted I take possession of the Puerto Rican t-shirt she got me when she was on her home island a couple months ago.

Before I got to the Indian Ghosts I had to get gas. Since I got gas I called my mom when I got to the Village Creek Natural Historical Area. Just like on Mother's Day, mom was not talking calls.

Soon after I stopped to look at and photograph the bucolic wildflower scene you see in the above photo I saw a water snake slithering at the edge of the creek.

Soon after seeing the slithering water snake  I started feeling a bit light-headed, bordering on dizzy. This was not a totally unpleasant feeling, new as it was to me. I've never been seasick, no matter how turbulently waves have tossed me about whilst on a boat. I've never fainted, no matter how faint worthy a situation I have been in.

So, I wondered if this light-headed, bordering on dizzy feeling is what it feels like before one faints, or before one gets seasick.

By the time I was finished with lunch I was no longer dizzy. This led me to ponder whether this phenomenon might not be being caused by the fact that I have been losing weight of late.

Then this afternoon I got a bit dizzy, again, after I got an email telling me that a particular member of the Tarrant Regional Water District Board was requesting my contact info. Was it Marty Leonard?  I was  mortified at the very idea. I do not handle well those who clutch their pearls at the slightest bit of imaginary stress.

Stormy weather is once again in our forecast for North Texas. Once again, I'll believe it when I get wet from incoming rain and hear booming from incoming lightning.

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