Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Monday's Deadly Oklahoma Tornado Reminded Me Of Ma McMeganoodle's Oklahoma Tornado

This next to last Tuesday of May of 2013 got off to a bad start with my pool not being doable due to the water needing to be lowered to repair a light.

And then we have the distressing news from a few miles north, in the Oklahoma City zone, of yesterday's monstrous killer tornado.

Today the storm predictors are predicting North Texas will be having a few thunderstorms, along with downpours, large hail, damaging winds and possibly a tornado.

Currently none of the above predicted calamities is occurring.

Regarding yesterday's Oklahoma tornado. Way back late in the last century, when I moved to Texas, one of my best friends from Washington moved to Oklahoma, to the town of Ada. Soon upon my arrival in Texas I drove up to Ada to visit Ma McMeganoodle (real name altered due to shyness issues).

Ma McMeganoodle arrived in Oklahoma soon after a massive killer tornado did massive damage in the same area as yesterday's tornado. The McMeganoodle clan checked out the damage, which left Ma McMeganoodle pretty much totally freaked out at the idea she and her family were now living in Tornado Alley.

Ma McMeganoodle was convinced their #1 priority had to be building a tornado proof storm cellar.

A couple years go by and what happens? A tornado strikes down a very short distance from the McMeganoodle home, eventually heading right up the McMeganoodle driveway before the twister decided to take a turn before hitting the McMeganoodle home.

So, what does Ma McMeganoodle do while this tornado rapidly approaches?  Does she get in the storm cellar? No. Because no storm cellar was built. Does Ma McMeganoodle get in an interior closet? Or a bathtub? No.

Ma McMeganoodle stays outside, taking pictures of the tornado. I later webpaged those photos, along with pictures taken later of the aftermath, in a webpage titled Tornado Touchdown in Ada Oklahoma.

Ma McMeganoodle and family, left Oklahoma in 2008,  moving back to the Skagit Valley of Washington, an area which is fairly reliably tornado free.

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