Saturday, May 11, 2013

Looking For Captain Clean Before Fishing In The Trinity River In Gateway Park While Mountain Biking

On my way to Gateway Park to pedal the mountain bike trail before going to Town Talk I made a delivery to my neighborhood library.

Today my neighborhood library is serving double duty, because in addition to being a place where one can find a book, it is also a place where one can cast a vote.

This particular polling place seemed rather busy, judging by all the cars parked. But there is no way to tell how many of the parked cars carried voters or book seekers.

I had been told that Captain Clean and several Captain Clean Clones would be making appearances, today, at many of the 38 polling places. However, there was no Captain Clean to be seen, by me, today, at my neighborhood polling place.

Gateway Park was also busy today, with various sporting activities of the teams competing against each other in games involving ball manipulation sort of sporting activity.

In addition to team sports I was also surprised to see three amigos practicing the fishing sport. I first saw the three amigos paddling their canoe, heading upstream. By the time I made my second trip around the mountain bike trail the fishermen had docked their canoe on one of the Trinity River's more scenic beaches, to better facilitate casting their lines from a standing position.

I trust these boys know it is not safe to eat the fish they might catch in the Trinity River. Captain Clean has not yet had the opportunity to clean up the river. I am almost 100% certain that in a few hours we will be on track to having Captain Clean in business.

Town Talk was the least busy of the places I visited today. The best thing I found at Town Talk today was a 5 pound bag of chopped up romaine lettuce. And mangoes.

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