Saturday, May 4, 2013

Fort Worth's Grande Dames of Obfuscating Obtuseness Aggravate Me

Above you are looking at side one of the latest TRWD Opponents B-N-K Mailer. This mailer arrived in my mailbox yesterday, along with an inflammatory letter from TRWD Board Member, Marty Leonard, she being Fort Worth's favorite pearls clutching self-entitled dowager heiress.

I blogged  about my disdain for Marty Leonard's sleazy smear tactics in a blog post titled The TRWD Election Propaganda Spewings Of Self-Entitled Dowager Heiress Marty Leonard.

After Elsie Hotpepper read what I thought about Marty Leonard's sleazy smearing Elsie text messaged me "I'm going to go out on a limb here and say Marty Leonard pissed you off. LOL!!!."

As usual, Elsie Hotpepper is correct. I was extremely offput by Marty Leonard's letter, with its falsehoods,  propaganda, smears and shear gall.

Both Marty Leonard and her co-conspirator, Kay Granger, make allegations about negative and false propaganda, misinformation and flat out lies supposedly being mailed out by the B-N-K Opponents. Yet neither of these Grande Dames go to the bother of providing any facts to substantiate their allegations.

The latest B-N-K mailer, as you can read above, says "The Tarrant Regional Water District has been sued for more than 300 violations of Texas law for holding secret meetings."

That's a fact, you Grande Dames of Obfuscating Obtuseness. To say the Tarrant Regional Water District has been sued for more than 300 violations of Texas law for holding secret meetings is a fact, not propaganda, not misinformation, not a lie. It's a fact.

Facts are something I think maybe pearls clutching Grande Dames of Obfuscation are not very comfortable with.

On side two of the latest TRWD Opponents B-N-K  Mailer  Captain Clean boldly asserts that "ONLY YOU CAN HELP CAPTAIN CLEAN STOP THE CORRUPTION AND MISMANAGEMENT AT THE TRWD!"

What Captain Clean boldly asserts is yet one more fact that likely makes the Grande Dames of Obfuscation uncomfortable.

On Thursday, after finding a mailer from the TRWD Board Incumbents in my mailbox I wrote a post titled Betsy Price Should Think Twice Before Joining A Floundering Local Water Protection Team About To Get Flushed.

In that blog post I really did not do justice in my attempt to ridicule that part of the mailer where there is a list of 4 things the TARRANT REGIONAL WATER  DISTRICT PROVIDES. Below is that list...

1. A safe, reliable supply of water to meet the current and future needs of our families and businesses.
2. An extremely effective and extensive flood control system that protects our homes and property.
3. Extensive water conservation efforts that protect our environment and water supplies for future generations.
4. Wise and conservative stewardship of our tax dollars.

This morning on the Star-Telegraph, in a blog post titled Say it again, I saw that one of Fort Worth's wisest treasures, Don Woodard, has done justice, in the ridiculing department, regarding the TRWD Board Member Incumbent's list of 4 things the TRWD provides....

1. None of the incumbents had anything to do with building the lakes with which we draw our water: Lake Worth; Lake Bridgeport; Eagle Mountain; Richland-Chambers; Cedar Creek. Our fathers built them. The incumbents are engrossed in building a 33-acre Casino Lake for tourists.
2. Jim Wright, dating from the 1949 flood, is whom I give credit for our levees and flood control. The Star-Telegram reported June 12, 2005 that the Army Corps of Engineers had a plan to control any realistic flooding problem for $10 million.
3. Extensive water conservation efforts. The Lawn Whisperer. Is that it?
4. Wise and conservative stewardship of our tax dollars? Like the goofy billion dollar Trinity Uptown earmark boondoggle?

I will be glad when this election is over.

Don't forget to vote for Basham, Nold and Kelleher to Flush the TRWD.

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