Thursday, May 23, 2013

Ennui Has Me In Its Evil Grip

I do not know why the picture of the view from my patio looks  so dark. Does my camera have some sort of sensor that detects  my mood? Maybe I accidentally put the camera on the bad mood setting, causing the picture to look moody.

I was able to go swimming this morning for the first time in 2 days, but the pool is still about a foot short of being full. It takes a long time for one garden hose to fill a big pool.

Yesterday I did not realize I had not done my usual daily blogging thing til I started getting emails and blog comments asking if I was okay. Or still alive.

I think Elsie Hotpepper was the first to inquire about my well being, which sort of confused me because I thought I'd done something at Elsie Hotpepper's request that very morning. But, I may be a day off in correctly remembering when I'd done something at Elsie Hotpepper's request.

Yesterday morning, (or was it the day before?), I found myself consumed with a bad case of ennui.

The ennui bout may have been precipitated by the fact that it seems I have gone days without my regular aerobically induced endorphin stimulation.

There have been a variety of causal factors that have caused my endorphin shortage. Bad weather, a waterless pool, a doctor visit.

Combine the endorphin shortage with a sort of sense of doom, some doom sense tornado related, some doom sense due to feeling that too much of the world, locally, nationally, globally, is totally nuts, and I find myself coming down with a bad case of ennui.

I'll probably get over it.....

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