Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wednesday Morning Swimming In The Rain Waiting For The Big Storm To Arrive

This Wednesday morning's patio view of the outer world at my location does not quite capture the fact that drops of rain are falling, falling in amounts copious enough to require sticking my camera to its Popabrella in order to take a dry picture.

For a couple days the weather predictors have been predicting a BIG STORM, scheduling this BIG STORM to arrive around midnight, last night, with BIG BOOMS, BIG WIND, BIG HAIL and BIG DOWNPOURS.

I don't know when the totally non-copious rain began to hit the ground last night. I have heard no booms, seen no lightning flashes, or any hail.

However, there has been some breezy wind action, so much so that the current outer world temperature of 37 degrees really feels like a sub-freezing 23 at my location on the planet.

So, once again we return to winter in North Texas.

The weather predictors predicting BIG STORMS that don't seem to quite materialize with the level of Bigness one might expect from the forecasts, is beginning to have a bit of a Crying Wolf feel to the forecasting.

Maybe the BIG BOOMS will arrive at some point during the day.  Although, as you can see below, the forecasters no longer seem to be forecasting any booming.

Despite the extreme temperature drop, this morning I was able to have myself a really fine time swimming in the pool that was not nearly as cool as the air. I believe the outer world got heated to some temperature in the 80s yesterday, hence the pool water being way warmer than the air. I suspect this will not be the case tomorrow morning.

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