Sunday, April 28, 2013

Taking A Sunday Walk With The Roses In Arlington's Veterans Park

The last time I visited the soldier who stands guard at the memorial in Arlington's Veterans Park was way back in July of last year.

I don't know why 10 months have gone by without me returning to one of my favorite parks in the Dallas/Fort Worth/Arlington Metroplex zone.

It'd also been 10 months since I'd been to Arlington's International District to get Asian goodies at my favorite Asian grocery store, that being Saigon Cho Market on Pioneer Parkway.

The best Asian goodie I got at Saigon Cho today was 5 pounds of very lean ground beef. Asian ground beef is coarsely ground, which will make it excellent for a big pot of chili.

Nothing much had changed at Veterans Park since my last visit.

The view you see below I always find enjoyable. One would never think one was in the center of a metropolitan area with a population over 6 million when one looks at this view with nary an element of civilization as far as one can see.

Veterans Park was blooming a lot of wildflowers today. Flowers that weren't wildflowers were also blooming a lot of color, in the Xeriscape area.

Including a lot of red roses. Red roses smell good.

The above patch of pink Evening Primroses is the biggest Primrose patch I have seen this wildflower season.

I had myself a might fine time swimming this morning. At that point in time I did not need sunglasses. I think I may go for another swim this afternoon, along with some lounging under the now fully exposed sun. I am trying to reduce my pastiness level so I can lounge on a sunny beach without getting sunburned

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