Thursday, March 14, 2013

Walking A Fort Worth Greenbelt With The Fruits Of My Seeds

This morning I had to be up in Hurst. Going to Hurst, from my location, I drive through the 820/121 freeway construction zone. Back at the start of my exile in Texas I soon came upon 2 big freeway exchange construction projects.

One was the downtown Fort Worth Mixmaster. I remember being appalled when I learned that this had been being constructed for many years. The first year or two I did not see much progress. And then, it seemed sort of suddenly, the Mixmaster was open.

The other big freeway exchange construction I saw soon upon arrival in Texas was the original 820/121 complex of overpasses. This was a nuisance to drive through whilst being constructed, but was quickly completed. And now, a decade later, give or take a year, that same freeway exchange is back being a big construction mess. To be completed when? I don't know.

I got back from Hurst in time for my regularly scheduled daily walk. I opted to take a hike in my neighborhood, again. Walking the new, to me, Fort Worth Greenbelt. That's the Greenbelt you see in the picture.

I remember a few years back being appalled to discover the Tandy Hills. With the appalling part being that I lived so close to these hills, for years, and did not know it. I'd drive many miles to Cedar Hills State Park or Rockledge Park in Grapevine or Dinosaur Valley State Park, just to find myself some hills to hike on.

And now in the past month I've learned there are multiple decent walking venues right in my neighborhood.

I wonder how many gallons of gas I've burned over the years driving to find myself a hill to hike on?

The end of my walk today took me to Albertsons to get this week's FW Weekly. Near a couple fast food joints that are next to Albertsons I saw the sign you see below.

I've noticed this sign for what seems years, but I've never bothered to actually read it til today.

Apparently "COMING SOON" my neighborhood will have a Divine Touch Lounge & Grill, along with Lv's Barber & Beauty Salon. And my favorite, Fruits Of My Seeds 24 HR CHILDCARE CENTER.

That is a really interesting mix of businesses. I wonder how soon coming soon is? Sooner than the Trinity River Vision Boondoggle? I expect I will see Fruits Of My Seeds before I ever see the Granger Pond.

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