Monday, March 11, 2013

Thorns On The Sidewalks Of Fort Worth

Continuing on with my popular Fort Worth's Sad Sidewalk Situation Series.

This morning I went hiking, again, in the new, to me, Canyon Creek zone. To get to the Canyon Creek zone I walk on something somewhat rare in my neighborhood.

A sidewalk.

This particular sidewalk is on the north side of Boca Raton Boulevard. The south side of Boca Raton Boulevard has no sidewalk at this location.

I only walked a short distance on Boca Raton Boulevard, before getting to the Canyon Creek zone. And yet in that short distance I came upon two instances of what you see in the pictures.

Vegetation with rather prickly looking thorns sticking out over the sidewalk.

This seems a bit hazardous to me. Particular at night with no street light in sight.

Or to someone wheeling along in a wheelchair.

I have seen people wheeling along in a wheelchair on Boca Raton a time or two.

Seeing something like a thorn obstructing a sidewalk is something one might expect to see in a town few have ever heard of, like Dallas or Seattle or Denver.

But seeing something like a thorn obstructing a sidewalk in Fort Worth?

A town known all over the planet as one of the Greatest Cities in the World?

That really is just unacceptable.

And very perplexing...

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