Friday, March 1, 2013

Dam Hopping With An Armadillo Wondering About The Sarcastic Jones Curse

In the picture you are looking west across one of the dams that help make the canals that make up Interlochen.

Interlochen is an Arlington neighborhood that one eventually walks to when one walks with the Indian Ghosts who haunt the Village Creek Natural Historical Area.

Today the amount of water spilling over the dam was low enough that I was able to walk across it to Interlochen.

I saw only one armadillo today, doing something I did not know an armadillo could do. As in run fast in a sort of hopping motion.

Armadillos are so cute, today I was wondering if anyone has ever managed to turn an armadillo into a house pet. I suspect not.

Changing the subject from cute armadillos to my cute nephew, Spencer Jack.

This morning I got an email from Spencer Jack's dad which asked an interesting question.....

Thought you'd get a laugh to know that Spencer's kindergarten teacher told him that he is very "sarcastic." 

Is this a Jones curse?

I really don't think being sarcastic is any sort of curse.

Why would a teacher think it is okay to tell a 5 year old that he is "very sarcastic"? That seems wrong to me.

I was traumatized when I was a 7th grader when a teacher told me I was "obnoxiously precocious".

At that point in time I knew what "obnoxious" meant, but had no idea what "precocious" meant. So I found a dictionary and did not really understand the definition. My extremely delicate feelers were terribly hurt, with me assuming that being obnoxiously precocious was a really bad thing.

It was years until I realized that being an obnoxiously precocious 7th grader was a good thing to be.

I hope Spencer's dad is able to get Spencer to understand that being sarcastic is an admirable trait. And that his teacher was complimenting him....

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