Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Big Thorns Landscaping One Of The Greatest Cities In The World

The focus in the photo is not my neighborhood Jack in the Box, in the background.

What we are looking at in this photo is the biggest thorn type weed I have ever seen growing in an ostensibly landscaped venue.

I needed to find myself some vinegar if my lunch plan of Sweet and Sour Chicken Veggies was going to work. So, I walked the short distance from my abode to Albertsons to find myself some vinegar.

Leaving Albertsons, after successfully finding vinegar, I decided to take a walk around the Albertsons "strip mall" before heading back to my abode.

In front the Metro PCS part of the "strip mall" I came upon the gigantic thorn.

What you can not see, and what first caught me eye, was the astonishing amount of litter mingling with the weeds in this "landscaped" area in front of a "strip mall" in what we now know is planet-wide known as one of the World's Greatest Cities.

I guess growing gigantic weeds in a "landscaped" commercial business area is one of those things one expects to see in one of the World's Greatest Cities.

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