Monday, March 4, 2013

Atmos Energy Warning Buried Gas Line Signs Have Sprouted In My Neighborhood

In the picture you are looking at an ATMOS Energy WARNING BURIED GAS LINE sign, stuck in the ground. Dozens of these yellow warning signs are stuck in the ground at this location.

The warning signs do not look very permanent. I'm hoping the buried gas line lasts longer than the yellow warning signs.

I saw these yellow warnings signs when I walked around my block this morning. My block is one of the few blocks in my neighborhood that has a sidewalk all the way around it.

These ATMOS yellow warning signs are stuck in the ground along the sidewalk that is due south of my newest Chesapeake Energy Barnett Shale Natural Gas Drilling & Fracking Site, on Boca Raton Boulevard.

Some of the markings that you see on the sidewalk also have references to gas lines. One was a line that pointed across the street to the Albertson's parking lot, making me wonder how a buried gas line was going in that direction and why?

I know sidewalks are a really low priority in Fort Worth, but still, why does someone get to paint them in this manner?

I remember watching a video a few months ago where Santa Claus was arrested down in Austin for instigating kid's making chalk drawings on sidewalks.

I am almost 100% certain no one was arrested for making what look to be more permanent than chalk markings on this particular Fort Worth sidewalk.

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