Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Thunder Booming Night Before Easter Looking For Chocolate Bunnies

Coming up on 11 in the morning on this next to last day of March the outer world, at my location, is currently heated to 64 degrees.

When I went swimming this morning, a little before 8, the outer world was chilled to 55 degrees.

Overnight a couple inches of water were added to the pool, courtesy of Mother Nature.

About 3 in the morning thunder started clapping and rain started pouring down. The thunder clapping and rain pouring did not last too long.

As you can see, via my computer based weather monitoring device, more sky-based electricity is being predicted for Today, Tomorrow and Monday.

Currently I am seeing no clouds that seem capable of generating electricity and loud booms.

Since it is Saturday, and I am a creature of habit, I will be going to Town Talk.

Before Town Talk, just like last Saturday, I will be walking around Fosdick Lake in Oakland Lake Park.

With tomorrow being Easter I'm thinking today should be an interesting day at Town Talk. I suspect a big box of chocolate bunnies may be in the warehouse....

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