Friday, March 29, 2013

A Neighborly Walk With A Fort Wort Police Officer Trespassing On Chesapeake Energy Property

A walk around my neighborhood was my vertical motion choice this last Good Friday of March.

Before the walk around my neighborhood I walked to Albertsons to pick up this week's FW Weekly and

Between my abode and Albertsons I came upon a Fort Worth police car parked on my neighborhood Chesapeake Energy property, parked behind the  No Trespassing/Trespassers Prosecuted sign that Chesapeake good neighborly installed at this location.

I have no way of knowing if the Fort Worth police officer was aware he was trespassing and under threat of prosecution courtesy of Chesapeake Energy.

I thought this was a very odd location for a cop to be parked. When I walked by I could not see a cop sitting inside the car. I debated with myself whether the good citizen thing to do or not was to walk over and check to make sure the cop was okay.

The debate with myself was short, with me opting to just mind my own business.

When I exited Albertsons and the cop car came back in to view I was fairly certain I could see someone inside the car, moving around. Why I was able to see this from a distance, but not when significantly closer, I do not know.

I took the picture you see above and hoped to myself that the cop did not come and arrest me for blowing his cover or some such thing.

The Fort Worth cop car being oddly located was the only odd thing I saw on my walk today. It was a warm walk, with the temperature nearing 70.

This morning when I got in the cool pool the air temperature was 61. The cool pool seemed to be about the same temperature as the air. Due to yesterday getting to be nearly 80 degrees hot, the cool pool was uncool enough that I had myself a salubrious long swim this morning. I suspect tomorrow morning will see a similar salubrious long swim in the not so cool pool..

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