Monday, February 11, 2013

Walking With Frita Fremont Talking About Bikinis & Late Arriving Stale Christmas Cookies

Frita Fremont called me real early this morning to tell me that she wanted to go on a walk with me later in the day. I said, okay, I'll call you when I go walking.

I stuck a ham in the oven around 10 this morning, then a little before noon I pulled the ham to pour a glaze over it and then left my abode to go on a walk with Frita Fremont around my neighborhood.

I think I have mentioned Fort Worth's sad sidewalk deficiencies previously.

The example of a town without sidewalks, that you see in the above photo, is looking north, with the I-820 frontage road next to the pedestrian worn dirt path where a paved sidewalk would be in a modern American city with modern American amenities.

Enough about Fort Worth's sad sidewalk situation for now. Back to Frita Fremont.

Among the many interesting things Frita talked to me about today was her bikini issues. I really have no bikini issues of my own, so it is interesting to hear about the bikini issues of someone who does have bikini issues. I hope Frita is able to resolve her bikini issues before it is time for her to take a Spring Break down south on South Padre Island.

Changing the subject from Frita's bikini to the U.S. Postal Service.

On the last day of last month I blogged my opinion that the U.S. Postal Service's bad service may border on being criminally neglectful. My pique was raised regarding a package the USPS claimed it was unable to deliver on December 21.

I requested re-delivery, twice, left notes for the mailman, wrote a letter to the Postmaster. Got zero feedback and no package.

And then today I returned from my walk with Frita Fremont and what do I find? The long missing package mysteriously showed up at my door!

Sort of.

There was a note telling me where I could find the package. I went to that location and there it was. That is the tardy parcel post in the photo above, the box with the words "PRIORITY MAIL" printed a couple times on it.

I wonder how slow non-priority mail is?

What was in the box, I know you are sitting there wondering? Well. Christmas cookies. A tin filled with homemade stale Christmas cookies. I'd say more, but I really do try to avoid hurting anyone's feelings. Most of the time....

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