Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Spencer Jack's Possible Girl Friend's Birthday Dreams Come True With First Train Ride

Incoming email from Elsie Hotpepper, subject line: Found! Message in email: Spencer Jack's girlfriend...

In addition to the message in the email being "Spencer Jack's girlfriend", there was also a link to a Yahoo webpage article titled 3-Year-Old's Birthday Dreams Come True With First Train Ride.

From that Yahoo article we learn that all Madeline Dubois wanted for her 3rd birthday was to go on a train ride.

Madeline's dad filmed her ultra-cuteness as she saw the train approaching the station.

The video of Madeline's reaction to the incoming train was first posted on YouTube way back in March of 2011. In the past few days this video has gone viral, with hundreds of thousands of views.

I do not know if Spencer Jack has met fellow train aficionado, Madeline Dubois, yet.

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