Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Mountain Biking Gateway Park With 5 Pounds Of Blue Cheese

Handlebars Over The Trinity River in Gateway Park
By the time I was riding my two wheel chain driven locomotive device on the mountain bike trail at Gateway Park the ground was dry, totally dry.

This morning, when I made another swimming attempt, by the time I retreated to the hot tub, large drops of precipitation was precipitating. The drops dripping did not last long.

Currently, at the halfway point of this 1st Wednesday afternoon of the 2nd month of 2013, my computer based weather monitoring device is indicating the outer world at my location is being heated to a relatively balmy, for this time of the year, 74 degrees.

So, I have now opened my computer room window. This seems to have quickly raised the temperature in my computer room. Must I resort to having the ceiling fan spin to get some relief from this relentless warmth?

I refuse to turn on the air conditioning.

Unless we go over 80 in the outer world.

Because I was at Gateway Park I went to Town Talk, due to those two locations being neighbors. At Town Talk I got a giant 5 pound bag of blue cheese crumbles. What I am going to do with this much blue cheese I am sitting here, typing and wondering?

I guess I could make several gallons of blue cheese dressing. But then what would I do with several gallons of blue cheese dressing?

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