Friday, February 8, 2013

Hiking The Tandy Hills With Herds Of Dogs Thinking About Dungeness Crab For Lunch

A few days ago, when I was on the summit of Mount Tandy, the fog was so thick that it shrouded in obliteration the stunning skyline of beautiful downtown Fort Worth.

Today, the sky is clear, with downtown Fort Worth back being visible in all its splendor, which you can clearly see looking west across the old wagon trail that leads to where local legend claims the West began.

I came upon a hiking couple today who were hiking with a large herd of dogs of various sizes. All but one of the dogs was not on a leash. The unleashed dogs were very friendly. I did not feel in danger.

I looked for a Trout Lily today. I read in this month's Prairie Notes that the annual appearance of the illusive Trout Lily had arrived. I have yet to find a Trout Lily.

Changing the subject from the Trout Lily to the Best Hamburger in the Pacific Northwest, or, at least, Anacortes.

I heard from Spencer Jack this morning that his dad's restaurant in Anacortes had been determined by scientific data acquisition to have the Best Hamburger in Anacortes.

So, I blogged about this on my Washington Blog in a blogging titled The Fidalgo Drive-In Has The Best Hamburger In Anacortes.

Looking at my nephew's menu has me craving crab, of the Dungeness type. Crab and cod. And halibut and prawns.

And clam chowder.

I wonder if Spencer Jack's dad uses his grandma's (my mom's) clam chowder recipe? Because mom's is the best ever.

My nephew has absolutely no catfish on his menu. I can't imagine why...

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