Sunday, February 10, 2013

Don Young's SUPER Bash Report

In the picture you are looking at part of the army of Brush Bashers who Bashed Brush the day before the Super Bowl, that being the 1st Saturday of the 2nd month of 2013.

Below is Don Young's amusing account of this year's successful Brush Bash....

There was no power blackout and no delay of game at the, one-day-a-year Brush Bash at Tandy Hills Natural Area on February 2, 2013. But like that other big game last weekend ours game was one for the record book.

About 25 dedicated FOTHNA volunteers backed up by 50 workers from the Sheriff's Dept. took to the field sending more than 236 cubic yards of invasive, prairie-choking, woody plant material to the compost pile. We basically stiff-armed a bunch of privet into oblivion making a touchdown in the process.

City of Fort Worth PACS staff led by playmakers, Bobby Muriel and Billy Roden, went on the offensive, spending several days cutting the brush and treating the stumps at selected locations within the park. Michelle Villafranca and Suzanne Tuttle of the Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge double-teamed to help oversee the project that follows a key provision of the Master Plan playbook for Tandy Hills. 

The new panoramic view from the Outdoor Classroom benches is like having seats to the Super Bowl on the 50 yard line minus the crowd.

Debora Young and Anne Aldefer were the key FOTHNA staffers huddled on the sideline making sure everything went according to plan and players enjoyed good field position until the play clock ran down. Longtime FOTHNA staffers, Phil Hennen and Myra Waldrop kept the brush moving downfield.

Game Balls went to every single worker who showed up. They were in the red zone most of the day insuring that 2013 was another championship season. Special Teams award goes to Scoutmaster Martin Grunow and the Scouts who helped remove an ancient pile of roofing shingles.

For those who failed to show or were on injured reserve, you will not be penalized BUT you missed a good one. There is no off-season for privet which is perpetually guilty of encroachment. We expect your participation next season. The Hall of Fame awaits you.

Check out post-game photos from FOTHNA super-volunteer, Scott Ausburn, here....

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