Saturday, February 9, 2013

Cold Tandy Hills Hiking With Giant Brush Piles & Asian Pears

View Street Trail View Of Downtown Fort Worth
I was back on the Tandy Hills today, getting myself some salubrious endorphin inducing aerobic stimulation, before going to Town Talk for some shopping stimulation.

Yesterday the view, from the top of Mount Tandy, of the stunning skyline of beautiful downtown Fort Worth, was lit by a bright clear blue sky.

Today's view, from atop View Ridge, on the trail that leads to the Tandy Hills from View Street, was not lit by a bright clear blue sky.

The lack of a bright clear blue sky, mixed with a bit of fogginess, made for a less than stunning view of the skyline of beautiful downtown Fort Worth.

Yesterday I did my hill hiking attired on top with a t-shirt. Today I did my hill hiking attired on top under more than one layer, and still got cold, prior to amping up my heartbeat by running up a steep hill.

During the course of my hill hiking I came upon three other groups of hill hikers, with each hill hiker more appropriately attired than was I.

I think my temperature perception have been thrown off a bit due to the fact that I have gotten wet in the pool the past 3 mornings. I was not going to try swimming this morning, til l woke up my computer and saw the over night low had been 51 degrees, thus making the 24 hour average well above 50, thus meeting my swim temperature criteria.

I will not be making a swimming attempt Sunday morning, due to the fact that the high is barely getting above 50 today.

I forgot to mention, as I walked the View Street Trail to the Tandy Hills I came upon the giant pile of brush you see in the picture.

I assume this giant pile of brush is left over from last Saturday's Tandy Hills Brush Bash.

Is this brush pile awaiting removal? Or is it to be used to make a giant bonfire during the upcoming Prairie Fest 2013, bringing people to the prairie, Saturday, April 27?

I can not remember the last time I experienced a giant bonfire. Homecoming, my senior year of high school?

Changing the subject from lighting up a Texas prairie to Town Talk.

There were an awful lot of Town Talkers today. The parking lot was overflowing, cars were parked on the lawn. Inside the store the congestion was not too stifling and checking out I had no wait.

I got a dozen Town Talk avocados today. I see a lot of guacamole in my future. Along with a lot of Asian Pears. And some White Cheddar Pirate Booty. Plus other stuff.

I did not see the Tamale Kid today working the Town Talk parking lot. I worry about the Tamale Kid.

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