Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Foggy February Texas Swim With Drizzle

Well before this morning's arrival of the sun, my computer based weather monitoring device let me know that a dense fog was in the process of fogging up North Texas.

As you can, see via the view from my pool patio, in  a picture taken around 9, the fog is shrouding visibility so much I can not see Albertsons, which is usually visible in this view.

A couple hours before the foggy picture was taken I left my abode to go swimming.

Yesterday the temperature reached into the 70s. This morning, when I woke up my computer, it was 58. I figured the pool would be more doable than it was yesterday morning.

More doable it indeed was. I lasted about 3 minutes, rather than 1, before I retreated to the hot tub.

The fog was so thick, in the early morn, that a drizzle drizzled heavily, coating the outer world in extreme dampness. It was like being near the ocean with no ocean nearby.

As you can see, via the screencap of the information provided by my computer based weather monitoring device, the sun is predicted to appear, eventually, today, with the temperature scheduled to almost get to 70. I suspect I will make another swim attempt tomorrow morning. It actually is quite enjoyable. Particularly the escape to the hot tub part...

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