Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Winter In Texas Is Sweltering With My First Successful Swim Of 2013

70 degrees when the sun showed up to begin illuminating the outer world this morning at my location on the planet.

I had my bedroom windows open all night long. Nearing the end of the first month of 2013 it is so HOT not only are windows open, no blanketing was needed last night in my slumber chamber.

Even though the temperature has risen another 2 degrees by mid morning, my windows are now closed, due to bouts of precipitation precipitating.

My longtime criteria for swimming, temperature-wise, has been that swimming is doable whenever the 24 hour temperature average is 50 or above.

With the 24 hour average temperature being around 70, I decided to give the pool a try this morning.

I can now report I have had my first successful swim of 2013.

The water felt pretty much the same temperature as the air, making for a very pleasant swimming experience.

I am ever so slightly concerned as to what these record breaking temperatures portend for the coming summer. I guess I will just enjoy the current balmy winter and worry about the ultra-balmy summer, when it, or if, it happens.

In the meantime, the wind seems to be picking up. Is the predicted major storm with possible tornado action going to happen?

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