Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Shadow Of The Tandy Thin Man Thumping Trucks

The Shadow of the Thin Man was long on the Tandy Hills at noon today.

With today being the 22nd day of the first month of 2013 we are already over a third of the way through Winter.

I had a strange hike on the Tandy Hills today.

Human sightings are very rare on the Tandy Hills. Today, near the Tandy Bamboo Teepee Grove I heard really loud thumping, sounding like a mallet hitting rock. It sort of spooked me. I did not try and find the source of the thumping. Instead I walked away from the thumping quickly.

A short time later I was heading north on the Tandy Highway, when, in the distance, I saw a guy coming towards me.

When the guy saw me he looked to be startled.

As the distance between us narrowed the guy started looking increasingly odd. He was not dressed like someone getting in some salubrious hill hiking. He said hello to me from about 20 feet away. I howdied him back as we passed by each other.

Is this who is living in that campsite I found a couple days ago, I wondered? Was this who was making the thumping noise?

When I got back to the summit of Mount Tandy I turned around to look west at the stunning skyline of beautiful downtown Fort Worth.

Instead of the stunning skyline what caught me eye was a white truck driving on to the Tandy Hills via the trail in from View Street.

That is a zoomed view of the white truck you are looking at in the picture. White trucks always make me nervous. I have a troubling history, in Texas, with white trucks.

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Don Young said...

That truck was with the Parks Dept. who are cutting brush for the Feb. 2 Brush Bash.