Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Seattle Seahawks Lost Hours Before I Cancelled My Pre-Super Bowl Party

In the screencap you are looking at an updated Seattle Post-Intelligencer, updated with the news that the Seattle Seahawks are not going to be in this year's Super Bowl.

I only managed to watch about the last minute and a half of today's game.

My favorite football fanatics, Sampson & Delilah, neglected to tell me that today's game started way earlier than last week's game, leaving me with the erroneous notion that today's game was going to start at 3:30, just like last week's game.

With me not knowing there was a football game to watch, I took off to River Legacy Park, near as I can tell, about the time the game was starting.  Had I known I could have had the DVR record it.

I did not get back to my abode til around 2, made lunch, turned on the TV. Watched part of a movie. Then went to set the DVR to record what I thought was a football game starting at 3:30. I could not find the football I was looking for.

And then I saw the game, already being played. Almost over. With Seattle behind, 26 to 20.

Then with about a half a minute to go, Seattle scored a touchdown, that seemed to stir some controversy. After the controversy was settled, Seattle scored an extra point, going ahead by one.

Then, Atlanta thew the ball a couple times and then scored a field goal and the lead. With a few seconds to go, which seemed to take minutes, Seattle seemed almost about to maybe score again. But that did not happen before the end of game buzzer sounded.

Now, what am I to do with the supplies I bought for my pre-Super Bowl Party that is now not going to happen?

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