Monday, January 14, 2013

Taking A Walk Around My Prairie Free Neighborhood Whilst Lamenting The Loss Of The Super Bowl Buffet

With the temperature barely above freezing, with a wind chill factor having the barely above freezing really feeling way below freezing, I bailed on my plan to drive to the Village Creek Natural Historical Area to ride my bike and instead decided to take a walk around my neighborhood.

My neighborhood is a bit hilly, the same hills that make the Tandy Hills hilly. Only my neighborhood hills have had the prairie removed from them and a lot of pavement added to the former prairie, which facilitates easy walking.

About a month ago I was sad to notice that the restaurant closest to my abode had closed.

The Super Bowl Buffet.

Chinese Asian All You Can Eat is how the sign on the side of the former restaurant describes the cuisine.

For years I was a buffet aficionado. While I was a buffet aficionado the Super Bowl Buffet was my favorite Chinese food buffet I'd ever been to. That covers a lot of Chinese food buffets.

I would guess I buffeted at the Super Bowl Buffet several dozen times before I found that I no longer enjoyed over eating.

A couple days ago I noticed boards were being installed over the Super Bowl Buffet's windows, making it look even more forlorn.

When I first moved to my current location the Super Bowl Buffet was a Black Eyed Pea restaurant. I only ate there once. Had the turkey dinner. It was good, but I never went back. I don't remember how long it was after the Black Eyed Pea closed that the building re-opened as a Chinese buffet. The original name was not Super Bowl Buffet. I don't remember the original name. Maybe it was something like Asian Super Buffet.

Anyway, I'm feeling a bit of a loss at the closing of the Super Bowl Buffet. I hope me not being a regular customer anymore was not too much of a contributor to the restaurant's close.

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