Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday Prayers With The Village Creek Armadillos Getting Ready For Some Football

The armadillo population that inhabits the Village Creek Natural Historical Area was very busy today.

I think they may have been in a feeding frenzy due to the return of a semi-pleasant temperature.

As in, currently, it is only 4 degrees shy of 60 degrees at my location on the planet.

I think the armadillo in the picture knew it is Sunday today, hence the praying pose.

Has anyone ever turned an armadillo into a pet I was wondering today? The cute little critters sure catch the attention of those walking by them.

Today was the most pleasant walk I've enjoyed this year. And for weeks before this new year arrived. Walking with the Indian Ghosts who haunt the Village Creek zone is pretty much my favorite place to walk. It is always so extremely peaceful.

The pre-Super Bowl with the Seattle Seahawks and Washington Redskins is getting ready to start up in about a half an hour.

My pre-Super Bowl lunch was a light one, oven toasted ham and cheese on thick flatbread.

The pre-Super Bowl Party, snack-wise, will be pizza and chicken.

My most experienced mixmaster is supposed to arrive soon and is claiming she will be bringing the ingredients to make the infamous Durango Cocktail. With Amaretto subbing for the apparently hard to find Orgeat Almond Syrup.

I hear a doorbell ringing. I suspect this indicates I need to open a door. I'll talk to you later...

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