Saturday, January 5, 2013

Perplexed By Gateway Park Green Grass Before Getting Lunch From The Tamale Kid

On my way to Town Talk today I stopped at Gateway Park to get in some salubrious walking on the extremely pleasant first Saturday of the new year of 2013.

Quite a difference from the last Saturday of 2012. Last week I shivered whilst taking a short fast walk around the ball fields before retreating from the elements.

Due to the recent bout of freezing most green has left the natural world. This made the ultra green play fields of Gateway Park stand out in stark contrast.

When I saw the glaring green I walked closer. It looked like grass. I saw blades. I saw what looked like dirt. How are they keeping this grass so green, I wondered?

Then I came upon the sign you see in the picture.

First off the NOTICE caught my eye. With the notice informing that "FIELDS WILL BE CLOSED WHEN FIELD SURFACE TEMPERATURE REACHES 125".

125 is quite HOT. Death Valley type HOT.

And then the sign said, "Welcome to Gateway Park multipurpose synthetic turf fields."

So, I now knew why the grass was so green. Because it is not grass. It is plastic.

After solving the mystery of the green grass it was on to Town Talk, hoping to find the Tamale Kid.

Driving on to the Town Talk parking lot I saw no Tamale Kid.

So, I did my Town Talk treasure hunting. Exiting I saw the Tamale Kid sitting on a picnic table. I pushed my cart over to him and asked if he was selling tamales today.

"Si, senor", said he.

"Chicken or beef, 6 for 5 dollars," said the Tamale Kid.

I gave him 5 dollars and followed him to a white car where he popped open the trunk and took out a foil wrapped package of tamales from a cooler. Well, in this case, it was a heater. The tamales were warm and ready to eat.

And so my lunch plan for today changed. So, I'm making rice with Carne Asada, refried beans with cilantro and tamales from the Tamale Kid.

I was going to make Mexican food for tomorrow's pre-Super Bowl Party. I think I may now revert back to the pizza plan.

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