Thursday, January 24, 2013

Not Talking To Frita Fremont While Hiking Hot Hills & Making Tofu Chili

This morning was spent up north, in Hurst, on a scouting expedition. That went well, except for the fact that each week the drive through the 820/121 construction zone seems to get more treacherous.

When I got back to my abode I made Tofu Chili using the red hot and yellow hot chili peppers I got at Town Talk on Saturday. The hot peppers were not as hot as I thought they'd be. They are plenty hot in their raw state, but lose a lot of their hotness when cooked.

I guess I'm assuming that it is the application of heat that diminishes the chili pepper heat. I suppose this could be caused by the Tofu. I suspect not, though.

After I was done making Tofu Chili I let it sit in simmer mode while I took off to the Tandy Hills for a pre-lunch bout of salubrious, endorphin inducing hill hiking.

On the drive to the Tandy Hills I was talking on my telephonic communication device when I got an incoming call. Due to my technological ineptness I am unable, usually, to manage two calls at once.

When I arrived at the Tandy Hills I terminated talking and then saw that the called I missed was from Frita Fremont. I don't much like talking on my telephonic communication device whilst doing hill hiking, so I did not call Frita back. Figured I'd do so later.

After I was up and down a few hills I came to the collection of mushroom benches I've made mention of before. I sat down for a spell to enjoy the view from a non-vertical position. In the distance I saw what, upon closer examination, I was to later learn, was a family of four, mom, dad and two kids, hiking the hills.

As I got back vertical, to continue the salubrious hiking, my phone rang again. It was Frita Fremont again. This time Frita left me a message saying she urgently needed to speak to me. Well, as soon as it is convenient, I think, is what Frita actually said.

I think I am driving to Walmart in about an hour. I will call Frita at that point in time.

By the way, the Tofu Chili turned out to be really tasty.

And now, let us talk about the weather.

I've got my windows open. It was in the 70s when I went hiking today, nearing 80 right now in the middle of the afternoon. The only outerwear needed today was shorts and shoes. I do not remember this happening in January before.

As you can see below, this short taste of Summer comes to an end tomorrow...

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