Saturday, January 12, 2013

My Search For Fort Worth Stairs To Step Took Me To Oakland Lake Park Today

A couple days ago at Oakland Lake Park I was surprised by how easy it was to run up the steps you see in the picture. I assume step running had become easier due to the increase in my aerobicizing over the past several months.

So, today, with precipitation intermittently precipitating, I decided to return to Oakland Lake Park and get me some aerobic stimulation via stair climbing.

There are three other step climbing options, in addition to the one you see in the picture, all close together, in Oakland Lake Park. I step climbed all 4 today, multiple times, and then I was off to Town Talk where I saw the Tamale Kid, but did not have him asking me if I wanted any of his mama's tamales.

There are not a lot of locations, in this elevation variation challenged  part of the planet, where you find a lot of stair steps taking you to a much higher elevation. I actually can not think of any.

A long time ago, to be precise, August of 2004, I found myself staying in an apartment in Tacoma, overlooking Stadium High School. Stadium High School is so named because of its football stadium, it being a natural football bowl, with a lot of seating. And a lot of steps.

I saw guys making the treacherous climb to break in to Stadium High School's stadium in order to run up and down the steps.

After watching the stadium stair steppers step stairs for several days I decided to give it a try.

It did not take me long to realize I was not in as good a shape as the other guys I saw doing stair stepping.

I remember back when I was a devoted jogger, being in Reno, getting in my jogging exercise by running up the stairs of the Circus Circus tower. I don't remember how many floors Circus Circus had. I do remember the towers are tall.

The buildings in downtown Fort Worth are not very tall. I wonder if there is access to the stairway in any of them?

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