Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Is Someone I Know A Major Creeper?

I am a big fan of strange coincidences.

For a day or two I have been trying to figure out the strange coincidence involved in the meeting between Gabby Goathead and a group of Secret Service Agents using the codename Goathead.

And then just minutes ago it crossed my mind how badly I would like to be totally rid of a creep or two, when I got an email from Stop The Creeps with the subject line asking Is someone you know a major creeper?

The body of the email follows, minus the two links, which I removed, because they appeared to be some sort of email address phishing attempt....

Local Arrest Records are Now Posted Online

We have the technology to find out virtually anything you want about anyone you want, at anytime, online, now.

See if there is danger lurking in your neighborhood. You can never be to safe or to sure.

Would you be interested in finding out what our background check says about you?

I really don't know all that many people who have arrest records, that I know of. I can only recollect one person I have known who has spent time in jail and under house arrest.

The last link in the email tells me to "Enter your name or someone else's name to begin."

I suspect if I entered a "name to begin" I would be quickly asked to provide credit card info to proceed from the beginning.

I know if I entered my name nothing would come up. Nothing as exciting as being arrested, tried, convicted and jailed has ever happened to me. I do not think I would react well to being strip searched and locked up.

I am thinking I must come up with a better idea than looking up arrest records to rid myself of major creeps being creepy......

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