Friday, January 25, 2013

Getting Cold Walking With The Fosdick Lake Fosducks

The Shivering Fosducks of Fosdick Lake
Yesterday the temperature at my location neared or exceeded 80. Hiking the Tandy Hills yesterday the only outerwear needed were shoes and shorts.

Overnight a new cold front has breezed in, which had the morning starting off with light fog. If I am going to get to experience fog I like it to be of the dense sort. Light fog really is not all that interesting.

Years ago, driving on the Olympic Peninsula, after having hiked to the Pacific from Lake Ozette, heading towards Forks for the night, I found myself in the thickest fog I've ever experienced.

I think the technical term for this type fog is a Pea Soup Fog. This fog was so thick I had to drive really slow. The headlights almost made the visibility worse. Very scary. Eventually made it to an equally scary motel in Forks.

I have not been to Forks since it became famous due to those Twilight movies. I suspect the town has been rejuvenated. Thinking about Forks quickly had me thinking about La Push, which just as quickly had me feeling homesick for some good ocean scenery.

Changing the subject back to the beautiful scenery I see at my current location.

The temperature was in the upper 40s when I drove to Oakland Lake Park to walk around Fosdick Lake. Supposedly, according to my computer based weather monitoring device, the wind had it really feeling like it was 27. However, there was no wind blowing making the air feel colder than it was.

Even so, I did not get the right level of outerwear covering me to prevent getting cold whilst walking fast.

I walked around the lake once, and then got back into the climate controlled comfort of my mechanical transportation device.

Even though outside it is cold, I have had no inclination to fire up my interior space's heating device. This place is well insulated. But, I suspect within a few more hours the insulation will no longer be keeping the cold at bay.

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