Saturday, January 19, 2013

Enduring Big Ed Malfunctions On The Tandy Hills With Lost Shopping Carts At Town Talk

Big Ed recovered from his most recent bout of Extreme Gooberitis, to a wellness level that allowed him to go hill hiking with me on the Tandy Hills today, for the first time in a long time.

Big Ed got a digital camera for Christmas. Apparently this is a complicated digital camera.

The camera has Big Ed totally bum puzzled.

Big Ed tried to take a picture of me taking a picture of him, but he somehow got his camera into some sort of delayed timer mode that results in a lot of beeping and red light flashes before the picture gets taken. And then the resulting photo is in some strange landscape format tinted blue.

I remember when Big Ed had to give up mountain biking because of repeated incidents where he'd get his shorts somehow caught on the pedals, resulting in all sorts of embarrassing mayhem. This camera malfunctionizing sort of reminds me of that.

Other than making the mistake of taking Big Ed to the hills today, today was another absolutely perfect day to be outdoors in North Texas.

Because Big Ed went to the hills with me today that meant he also went to Town Talk. I asked Big Ed to watch my cart while I ventured into the super packed, human gridlock, warehouse area, where I'd find stuff and then send it back to the cart via Big Ed. That was working out okay, til Big Ed lost the shopping cart.

With the shopping cart lost I had to start over again, re-bagging a lot of hot peppers, of bright red and a yellow varieties. These peppers are shaped like jalapenos, but I have no idea if these are of a similar capsaicin level, or way hotter. Or cooler, than jalapenos.

I also got a lot of avocados, making this a sort of Mexican themed day at Town Talk.

Speaking of jalapenos, I have discovered a burn free method to deal with the little firecrackers. I  slice off the top and then remove the innards with a potato peeler. This works real slick, with no burning eye or other burning delicate areas, ever since discovering this method.

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