Thursday, January 17, 2013

Discovering The Hidden Grotto Of Village Creek With An Armadillo

Walking today with the Indian Ghosts who haunt the Village Creek Natural Historical Area I saw a trail I'd not noticed before, likely noticeable, now, because of the diminished amount of view blocking foliage.

The trail led to the view you see in the picture, a heretofore hidden Grotto on Village Creek.

The water in Village Creek was looking so clear today I would have felt a swim were possible, if it were a hot summer day, and there were no turtles or other reptiles of the snake sort who like to play in Village Creek.

The only critter I recollect seeing today was the same armadillo I first saw a week ago. I am fairly certain this is the same armadillo due to it being in the same location and exhibiting an odd behavior I'd not seen in other armadillos. That being this guy does not cut and run when he detects a human.

Instead, this guy does a couple hops and then freezes, like a possum playing possum, and then resumes his foraging, stopping to repeat, when once again the presence of a dangerous human is detected.

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