Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Lonely Cowboy Searching For Air Filters With Frita

I am one lonely cowboy under a lonesome Texas sky this early Thursday evening.

The sweltering heat, near 80, tempted me to fire up the air-conditioner. I resisted the temptation and opted for open windows and spinning ceiling fans instead.

Like I mentioned I would, earlier, I called Frita Fremont back when I drove to Walmart this afternoon.

Frita talked so long she used up all her long distance minutes. This is tragic. Does this mean Frita will not be calling me anymore til she has some more minutes?

One of the things I went to Walmart for was to see if I could find some sort of air filtering device. I have not been liking the air that I breathe, full of particulants. And yesterday I learned that among those particulants, thanks to the bad behavior of Texas regulating agencies, and Chesapeake Energy, there is likely too much cancer causing benzene in the air that I breathe.

I wandered all over Walmart looking for an air cleaning device. Finally, about the time Frita's minutes ran out, I asked if she would have any idea where such a thing might be. Frita told me where to look. About 30 seconds later I was looking at air filtering devices.

Frita is very handy to have on the phone when you need information. Imagine how useful she would be in person.

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