Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Foggy Hike On The Tandy Hills With Organic Coffee Yogurt At Town Talk

From the top of Mount Tandy, looking west, across the wagon trail that heads towards downtown Fort Worth, you can only barely see the aforementioned beautiful town's stunning skyline, due to fog diminishing visibility.

The temperature was somewhere in the 40s when I went hill hiking today. I thought the fog might make for some extra chilling, but it didn't. A t-shirt provided sufficient top coverage.

I got gas today on the way to the Tandy Hills. So, like I usually do when I get gas, I called my mom. No answer.

It appears, according to my computer based weather monitoring device that we are in from some rain over the next few days. With a return to freezing on Wednesday. I would prefer a return to the 80s of a day or two ago.

Today is the final Saturday of the first month of 2013. With today being Saturday and me being a creature of habit, I visited the zoo known as Town Talk. Today I got a lot of avocados at 20 cents each. I foresee some guacamole making in an hour or two.

On my last Town Talk visit I got a case of dark chocolate yogurt. I am not much of a chocolate fan. But I do like dark chocolate in small doses. Years ago I was shocked to discover that I really like chocolate cheesecake, so I thought there was a chance dark chocolate yogurt might be a good thing.

Well, it was. A really good thing.

Today I saw no dark chocolate yogurt in the Town Talk walk-in cooler. But, there were a lot of cases of coffee yogurt. I did not think there was a chance that I would discover this to be a good thing, so I did not get myself any coffee yogurt.

Thinking about dark chocolate yogurt had me heading to my refrigerator. I am looking at the yogurt container right now. Wallaby Organic Down Under Dark Chocolate Lowfat Yogurt.

With the Wallaby word and the Down Under phrase I assumed this was imported from Australia yogurt.

Then I looked at the the ingredients label where it says ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Organic Cultured Pasteurized Reduced Fat Milk, Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Chocolate Liquor, Organic Locust Bean Gum, Pectin, Organic Vanilla Extract.

And then a sentence saying "Our premium organic milk comes from pasture based family farms in Northern California".

Not Northern Australia.

I am a bit concerned after reading the all natural ingredients to see that the pectin apparently is not organic. I almost feel as if maybe I should cease consuming this yogurt. But, it is just too tasty.

I also see on the yogurt container that the Wallaby Yogurt Company has a website. And that they are located in one of my favorite places, that being California's Napa Valley. I must muster the energy to find contact info on the Wallaby Yogurt Company website so I can ask why the pectin is not organic.

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