Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Crowded Sunday Walk With The Village Creek Indian Ghosts

On MLK Day I saw my first wildflower of the new year, a bright yellow wildflower in one of the designated Wildflower Areas in the Village Creek Natural Historical Area.

Today there were a lot more of the bright yellow wildflowers blooming, along with curious looking cotton snowball-like wildflowers, one of which you see in the picture.

Sunday is my favorite day to walk with the Indian ghosts who haunt Village Creek, due to there usually being a lot of other people also walking with the ghosts.

With the outer world being heated well into the 60s, the Village Creek Natural Historical Area's parking lot had only a couple open spaces upon my arrival. This was the busiest I've ever seen this particular parking lot.

One of the ghost walkers had 6 dogs with him. None of which were on a leash. The dogs were all different breeds, ranging from a small dachshund to a big greyhound. The 6 dogs were well behaved. Except for a dachshund. Her name was Pepper. The guy walking Pepper kept yelling her name to get her back on the trail.

I did not see any armadillos today. I don't know how happy the armadillos would be to see 6 unleashed dogs. Except for Pepper. I don't think little Pepper would scare an armadillo. They'd likely just laugh at her in that high pitched giggle noise they make.

Sunday I also my favorite day to go to Walmart. It can be very chaotic, with a very amusing cross section of humanity to peruse. I think I'll go to Walmart in about an hour.

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