Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Chilly Walk With The Ghosts & Hawks Who Haunt The Village Creek Natural Historical Area

The air was nearly 40 degrees warm when I went walking with the Indian Ghosts who haunt the Village Creek Natural Historical Area today in Arlington.

As you can see via the reflection in the big round mirror it is a bright, blue sky day, so far, today in North Texas. You can also see, via my reflection in the big round mirror, that I am bundled up in layers of outerwear.

What you can not see, via the big round mirror, is that I finally located my previously missing thermal underwear. What a relief.

Speaking of the murdered Indians whose ghosts haunt the Village Creek zone, I got a couple related blog comments on the first day of the new year.

But, the comments were not to a blogging about Village Creek, they were comments to a blogging from way back in January of 2012 about Walking With The Spirit Of Quanah Parker & Other People Before Being Hypnotized By Naked Pecan Tree Limbs.

Someone named Anonymous objected to my Comanche sympathies, saying....

Village Creek Trail
In response I tell anyone here in Texas that has complaints, the means that brought you in will take you out- whether highway, train, or plane. My family has been here since 1832, and Texans whose families have been here for generations feel that they are Texans first, then Americans. We love our state and feel a loyalty to it that seems to be hard for outsiders to understand.

Anonymous is expressing a very unique sentiment I don't know that I've heard before.

Then someone named Dashiell777 said....

I am related to Silas Bates, the Brave Father that fought the Comanches an Titos when they came to Fort Parker under a flag of truce while the men were working in the fields. Study history deeper than face value, It's not black an white.

Following the above two comments were the two pro-Comanche comments that showed up on New Year's Day...

Since the early 1800s?? That's funny to feel that it's your land?? It never was! It belonged to the Redman, that had been there long before your family settled.


Your right it's not black and white, however, the Comanche was also forced off their land by invading white folk like your kin.

Changing the subject from Anonymous comments back to Village Creek.

Today I saw something in a tree at the northern edge of the Village Creek Blue Bayou that I'd not seen at this location before.

A big bird of the hawk or owl variety.

The big bird turned its back on me when I aimed my camera at it.

Miss GG has been taking really good bird photos from her perch high above the Trinity River in downtown Fort Worth. I don't think my photographic skills or camera quality are anywhere near the Miss GG level.


CatsPaw said...

It appears that you were shunned by bubo virginianus, a great horned owl.

Anonymous said...

A Red-shouldered hawk. Good spot.