Monday, December 10, 2012

Who Needs Mistletoe When You're This Cute?

Just when I think I've totally run out of Happy Holiday material, in comes incoming email, from Spencer Jack's dad, with a picture of Spencer Jack that gives me material for yet one more Happy Holiday Themed blogging.

Speaking of Mistletoe.

I don't recollect ever seeing Mistletoe growing on any trees in Washington.

In Texas I see a lot of Mistletoe growing on trees.

A couple years ago I helped a couple ladies harvest Mistletoe at Veterans Park in Arlington. This vaguely seemed like something we should not have been doing.

I am drawing a blank right now, age-related memory shortfall, but somewhere in the past couple days I saw a lot of Mistletoe exposed on a recently made leafless tree.

Was it on the Tandy Hills? In River Legacy Park? At Oakland Lake Park? Looking up at a tree whilst swimming? I don't remember.

I'd box up some Mistletoe and mail it to Spencer Jack, but, according to his shirt, he does not need it.

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zunairsocialpluto said...

Texas Mistletoe in Eastern Texas is a dioeciously plant -- that is, men and women blossoms are carried on separate plants. The blossoms are small and creamy-white in color. Only the women blossoms produce plant seeds, which are white-colored and included in a difficult, gelatinous pulp allowing the plant seeds to follow the debris of plants.